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Trimethoxy(octadecyl)silane (OTMS) is an alkyl silane that functionalizes a variety of nanoparticle surfaces and facilitates a hydrophobic coating with a high-water contact angle and low surface energy.

Trimethoxy(octadecyl)silane (OTS) is an important alkylsilane that can form strong covalent bonds with silicon oxide and serves as a potential lubricant for micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS). OTS is largely used for surface chemical modification,modifying silica resulted in an increased charge carrier mobility for a variety of vacuum deposited and solution cast organic semiconductors.


Magnetic nanoparticles (Fe2O3) can be surface modified with OTMS. It forms a sorbent for the magnetic solid-phase extraction (MSPE) of endocrine disruptors (organochlorine pesticides) from milk samples.It may form a corrosion protective coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy that finds potential application in automotive industry. It may also be used to form a composite with fly ash that can be coated to achieve a superhydrophobic and UV-protected cotton fabric.

OTS is used for the development of self assembled monolayers(SAMs)..OTS is also used to modify the silica dielectric surface in organic field effect transistors.




Cat #BC- 237621


Related Categories Chemical Synthesis

grade technical grade
form liquid
refractive index n20/D 1.439 (lit.)
mp 16-17 °C (lit.)
density 0.883 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)


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